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Does the company have experience in remodeling, and how long has it been in business?

More than 80% of all remodeling companies go out of business in the first 5 years of existence, and usually in the middle of a job.  BW Construction has accumulated over 35 years of experience exclusively in residential remodeling.  In recent years, many construction companies have entered the remodeling field that previously were involved only in new construction.  Remodeling requires special skills to handle unanticipated problems related to the original house.  It also requires the contractors’ concern and awareness of the homeowners during construction.

“…let me again express our gratitude for your excellent work.  Diane and I, having heard the horror stories of friends of ours who had done remodels, were prepared for the worst.  What we got was the best. “  (Michael G. Descalso)

The above quote is taken from letters to BW Construction, which are available upon request.

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