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BW Construction has a very high happy client ratio. Here are a just a few testimonials from some of those happy clients:

"Bruce Willard and BW Construction had done significant and highly appreciated repairs to the house twice before.  In 2011, it would be the kitchen.  Since I had waited almost 25 years for a kitchen remodel, I wondered if even BW Construction could live up to my high expectations.  It worked out beautifully.  The remodel was done on a very tight timeline and a limited budget but with great attention to detail, quality, and customer satisfaction.  Bruce also put in new windows throughout the house, making the home much more comfortable and the PG&E bills noticeably lower.  If you want the remodel experience to be as stress- and hassle-free as possible, talk to Bruce."
-M.D. Marincovich, Portola Valley, CA

“…let me again express our gratitude for your excellent work.  Diane and I, having heard the horror stories of friends of ours who had done remodels, were prepared for the worst.  What we got was the best. “ 
-Michael G. Descalso, Redwood City, CA

“I was particularly pleased with your management of the sub-contractors. This was a concern of ours since we knew there would be a lot of different trades’ workers involved. I thought they were managed closely and if something wasn’t up to your high standards you had them back to do it right.”
-Lorraine & Stuart Rumley, Redwood City, CA

“Once the construction began, and I could see the extent of the work to be done, I was certain that your four month estimate was optimistic at best. I was tremendously gratified when we began moving back into the house exactly four months from the date construction began.”
-Michael G. Descalso, Redwood City, CA

“…thank you for the outstanding work you have provided to us not only recently with the remodel of our two bathrooms, but over the last 10 years on various home improvement projects… Your bids were always professionally prepared…”
-Ray and Diane Mac Intyre, Woodside, CA

“I want to thank you and Bruce for the excellent job you did in remodeling and expanding my home. I felt as if the two of you approached the task as if it were your own home… I am obviously pleased with the end results of your work and would be happy to show the house to prospective clients in the future.”
-John B. Harrington, Woodside, CA

“I cannot imagine more detailed or meticulous contractors who charge fairly, get the job done right the first time, and on time.”
-Dr. and Mrs. Charles S. Syers, Hillsbourough, CA

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